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Registration: ATILF Building, ground floor
Coffee Breaks: ATILF Building, first floor
Lunches (Thursday and Friday): University Campus, Building A, 1st Floor, Room A104
Welcome Drink (Thursday evening): University Campus, Building A, 1st Floor, Room A104


Wednesday, 13th september 2023

12:30 : Registration

14:15 : Opening

Session 1 - Chair: Berthold Crysmann

14:30 : Justine Salvadori, Rossella Varvara, Richard Huyghe
[slides] Quantitative measures of affix rivalry

15:00 : Daniele Sanacore, Nabil Hathout, Fiammetta Namer
[slides] A story-based approach to derivational paradigms

15:30 : Martha Booker Johnson, Micha Elsner, Andrea D. Sims
[slides] High frequency derived words have low semantic transparency mostly only if they are polysemous

16:00 : Coffee break

Session 2 - Chair: Jan Radimský

16:30 : Sacha Beniamine, Cormac Anderson, Mae Carroll, Matías Guzmán Naranjo, Borja Herce, Matteo Pellegrini, Erich Round, Helen Sims-Williams, Tiago Tresoldi
[slides] Paralex: a DeAR standard for rich lexicons of inflected forms.

17:00 : Berthold Crysmann, Baptiste Loreau Unger
[slides] Disentangling morphomic splits in Limbu.

Thursday, 14th sptember 2023

08:30 : Registration

08:45 : Welcome - coffee

09:00 : Keynote lecture 1 - Chair: Fabio Montermini

Susan Olsen Parasynthetic, Synthetic and Exocentric Compounds [slides]

Session 3 - Chair: Lior Laks

10:00 : Carlos Benavides
[slides] Compounding in the Slot Structure Model

10:30 : Jan Radimský, M. Silvia Micheli
[slides] Verbal-nexus and attributive-appositive N+N compounds in Italian A diachronic study

11:00 : Coffee

Session 4 - Chair: Sacha Beniamine

11:30 : Kalle Glauch
[slides] The Interplay of Morpho-Phonology and Semantics in the Production of Conceptual Subject-Verb-Number Agreement in German

12:00 : Hiroki Koga
[slides] [figure] Leveling among Patterns of Prosodic Structures of Paradigms for Affix Allomorphy

12:30 : Manuel Badal
[slides] Obscuring morphomic patterns: some evidence from Catalan verbal inflection

13:00 : Lunch (buffet)

14:30 : Poster Session

16:00 : Coffee

Session 5 - Chair: Nabil Hathout

16:30 : Lior Laks
[slides] From competing patterns to competing structures: Verbal constructions based on loanwords in Hebrew

17:00 : Yagmur Ozturk, Izabella Thomas, Snejana Gadjeva
[slides] Defining Semantic Categories for the Description of Turkish Nominal Morphemes

17:30 : Bernard Fradin
[slides] On the polysemy of derivational exponents

18:00 : Welcome Drink

Friday 15th september 2023

08:45 : Welcome - coffee

9:00 : Keynote lecture 2 - Chair: Olivier Bonami

Livio Gaeta Constructions ex nihilo: conversion, backformation, secretion and spandrels [paper] [slides]

Session 6 - Chair: Florence Villoing

10:00 : Sacha Beniamine, Mae Carroll
[slides] The other perspective on exponence

10:30 : Coffee

Session 7 - Chair: Livio Gaeta

11:30 : László Palágyi
[slides] Back-formation, forward-formation, and cross-formation in the same construction. The case of Hungarian compound verbs

12:00 : Aurélie Héois
[slides] Nouns in -ion and denominal verbs: can the output be explained? The case of English and French

12:30 : Ryohei Naya, Takashi Ishida
[slides] On Imaginary English Dvandvas in Relational Adjectives

13:00 : Lunch (buffet)

Session 8 - Chair: Bernard Fradin

14:30 : Adèle Hénot-Mortier
[slides] Morpho-semantics of the French diminutive suffix -et(te)

15:00 : Marie Huygevelde, Ridvan Kayirici, Olivier Bonami, Barbara Hemforth
[slides] Affix rivalry in French demonyms: an experimental approach

15:30 : Milena Belosevic
[slides] Creativity in name-based word formation: Evidence from the experimental study of personal name blends

16:00 : Coffee

Session 9 - Chair: Susan Olsen

16:30 :Maria Copot, Olivier Bonami
[slides] Baseless derivation: the behavioural reality of derivational paradigms

17:00 : Fabio Montermini, Natalia Bobkova
[slides] A lexico-paradigmatic analysis of Russian demonyms

17:30 : Closure


Thomas Bertin, Nicole Bessière
Sémantique des adjectifs dénominaux suffixés en -u et construits à partir d'un nom d'élément du corps

Concha Castillo-Orihuela
The binary vs. privative status of verbal inflectional morphology: The case of Germanic

Hugo Dumoulin
A contribution of discourse analysis to the morphology of nominalizations. Study of the use of nominalizations in the genre of the scientific activity report using a corpus linguistics approach based on the Démonette and Lexique 3 databases.

Sophie Ellsäßer
Paradigmatic structures, defectivity, and the specificity of referents

Kentaro Koga
Base ellipsis in coordinative constructions: the case of pré et post-X in French

Matteo Pellegrini, Marco Passarotti, Francesco Mambrini, Giovanni Moretti
PrinParLat: a resource of Latin principal parts

Erich Round, Sacha Beniamine, Louise Esher
The role of paradigm-external anchoring in simulating the emergence of inflection class systems

Florence Villoing, Marie Laurence Knittel, Philippe Grea, Rafael Marin
Innovative uses of French neological -ance nominalizations

Jiahui Zhu
On the analysis of the neological resultative construction suffixed with -iser and 化 [-huà] in contemporary media


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Author (Lab)